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  • More than 50% of all claims are
    denied initially.   Find out what to do
    if you have been denied.

  • Your age, education and work
    experience are important to your
    claim for benefits.  Find out why.

  • To earn credits for Social Security
    Disability benefits, you must have
    paid payroll taxes.  Find out if you
    have enough credits and what to do if
    you do not.

  • If you have been self-employed, you
    may  still be eligible for Social
    Security Disability benefits.  Find out

  • There are more than 800 pages of
    regulations and rules that control your
    entitlement to benefits.  Find out
    which ones apply to you.
  • You have been name executor in a
    Will.  What do you need to do next?

  • Your child has a disability.  How best
    can you plan your estate to care for
    your child?

  • You have no estate plan.  What
    happens if you die without a Will?

  • You have a Living Will.  Why do you
    need a Health Care Power of
  • You must provide notice to your
    employer of your work injury to be
    eligible for benefits.  Do you know
    what to say?

  • There are nine different ways to
    calculate your average weekly which
    sets your benefit rate.  Which one is
    best for you?

  • Your doctor orders tests and treatment
    but the insurance company refuses to
    pay.  What can you do?

  • All insurance companies have skilled,
    experienced attorneys to advise them.  
    Who is advising you?
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