Social Security Disability Benefits
Some things you should know about the Social Security disability  
application process:

  • Don't by discouraged by a denial of your initial application.  
    Know your appeal rights!  Most initial applications for disability
    are denied.  Find out what to do if you have been denied.

  • Your age, education and work experience are important to your
    claim for benefits.  Find out why.

  • To earn credits for Social Security Disability benefits you  must
    have paid payroll taxes.  Find out if you have enough credits and
    what to do if you don’t.

  • If you have been self-employed, you may still be eligible for
    Social Security disability benefits.  Find out how.

  • There are more than 800 pages of regulations and rules which
    control your entitlement to benefits.  Find out which ones apply
    to you.

There are two primary types of disability programs available  
through the Social Security Administration.  These are:

  • Supplemental Security Income Benefits – SSI
  • Social Security Disability Insurance  -Disabled Worker  SSD

The benefits available through these programs differ but the  
determination process is essentially the same.  There are five
important questions that The Social Security Administration asks
before making  the decision in your case.  These questions are:

1.  Are you working?  Full  time work generally disqualifies you
from receiving benefits.  In certain circumstances part-time work
will not disqualify you.

2.  Is your condition severe?  “Severe” has a special definition in
disability cases. Contact us to see if your condition or conditions
meet the definition of "severe".

3.  Does the combination of your Age, Education Level and Work
Experience, fall within a category which the Social Security
Administration  defines as disabled? Analysis of these Social
Security Rules are an important step in the processing of your
disability claim.   Don’t let your claim go forward without  having
us check to see if you will be ‘ruled’ disabled.

4.  Do your diagnosis AND the limitations that it causes you to
experience meet a specific listing within the medically determined
conditions recognized by Social Security as disabling?  Let us
review the regulations with you to see if you qualify.

5.  Can you meet the reasonable expectations of an employer for
attendance and attention to your job duties?  If not, you may be
disabled but your reasons must be acceptable to the Social Security
Administration. Let us explain what the Social Security
Administration considers in reviewing this part of your claim.

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