Why do I need a Will or a Durable Power of
Attorney or Advanced Medical Directives?
Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Estates
The answer is another question:  Who do you want to make the
decisions about your assets, your family, your finances and your
health care?  You or a judge?


A Last Will and Testament will provide the peace of mind that you
have done all you can to make the decisions that are right for you
and your family.  You will have the opportunity to direct how your
assets are to be  distributed after your death, and, equally as
important, to name the people you believe will make the best
decisions for your estate and your family.

Executor - You decide who you trust to handle your affairs after
your death, the way you would want them handled.

Guardian - You decide who you trust to raise your children as you
want them raised.

Trustee - You decide who you trust to take care of the finances for
children and/or grandchildren who are too young to make good
decisions about the assets they may inherit from you.


Signing a Durable Power of Attorney may be as important as
signing a Will, and can provide the peace of mind that you have
selected the person who you trust to handle your affairs when you
may be unable to do so.  Without a Durable Power of Attorney, if
you are suddenly incapacitated and unable to act on your own
behalf, your family or caring friends may have to go through a very
time-consuming and expensive court action to have a guardian
appointed for you.  Are you willing to put your family and friends
through this process and risk that the person appointed by a judge
may not be the person you would have chosen?


Some of the most important, and difficult, decisions you will ever
make are contained in your advanced medical directives.  The first
part of the document, the Durable Power of Attorney, provides the
opportunity for you to appoint the person who will speak for you,
regarding your medical care, when you are unable to speak for
yourself, and equally as important, will reflect your goals with
regard to your medical treatment.  The Living Will portion is your
opportunity to decide what medical treatment you do or do not
want to receive as your life draws to an end.


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