• How can I be sure I'm receiving the right payment?

  • Who will pay for my doctor?

  • I'm receiving bills from the hospital.  What Now?

  • Should I settle my case?

  • Who will pay for my medical bills in the future?

  • How long must I see the company doctor?

  • Do I have a choice in doctors?

  • What happens if I can't go back to my job?

  • How long does my employer have to keep my job open for me?

  • Can I get retrained for another job and who will pay for the cost?

  • Can I get money for my transportation costs?

  • What happens if I also receive short term or long term disability

  • Can I retire and continue to get paid workers compensation

  • Must I report my injury to OSHA?

  • Someone else is responsible for my injury/accident – Can I sue

  • Will my child and spousal support payments be subtracted from
    my wage loss payments?
Decades of experience have taught us that each case is unique.   
Generalized statements about your rights are not enough to solve
your problems or provide you with a clear road to recovery.  Count
on us to listen to you and provide a thoughtful solution to your
workers' compensation problems.
If you have a Question about your Workers'
Compensation case,
you deserve an Answer.
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